Meet Our Caring Team

We are composed of unique and empathetic individuals who love interacting with people. Together, we enhance the office atmosphere by making it enjoyable and soothing to our patients. Furthermore, we strive daily to reduce your level of anxiety by using methods of treatment that greatly reduce discomfort.

Everyone in our office is skilled in dentistry and strives to keep up-to-date with modern treatment options that have been clinically proven with years of research. Knowing that your time is valuable and precious, every effort is made to make sure you are seen at your scheduled appointment time. We don't believe in sign-in sheets nor do we have a television, as we believe in always having a smiling face waiting to greet you!

After graduating From The University of Pennsylvania Dental School, I returned to California to attend to the failing health of my father. I worked in many different places, but mainly devoted my time to non-profit clinics in smaller rural areas, which allowed me time to be closer to my family, as well as work with those who did not have the benefits of living in a large city. After a few years of working for other dentists it was time to have my own office. I considered many different towns for my practice but Placerville caught my eye because of its hard working people, beautiful landscape and close proximity to Lake Tahoe and Sacramento.
Today, as I look back at my history; where I came from, the people I have met in my journeys, and so on, I can say that I am truly blessed. I have taken the best of two cultures and used them every day to better my life and the lives of others. Life is what you make of it and this is very true of my own life. Each and every day that I work, I give thanks to what I've learned over the years and sincerely enjoy interacting with people.

Priscilla Lacayo

Front Desk

Hi! I'm Priscilla, currently working as a front office receptionist. I have worked in the dental field for 3 years nowand I love every minute of it.Starting as a dental assistant to learning the world of dental insurance, I can better help you in all avenues. Come in and say hello!

Melissa Holets

Front Desk

Hi! My name is Melissa. Over the past 30 years I have been in the dental profession as an RDA and running the front office. I enjoy helping our patient achieve the best possible care for their dental needs! We are a great team that compliments all of our talents. Here at Dr. Rahimi's office we all thrive! I have lived in our beautiful foothills since 1988 and love the beauty and nature that surrounds me. My son, family, and cat, "Biscut", are what makes my life complete!

Kaylene Steffens

Registered Dental Assistant

My name is Kaylene and I have been a registered dental assistant for 7 years. I love being a dental assistant because I really enjoy helping patients and seeing them have a pleasant experience at the dentist. I appreciate that Dr. Rahimi allows me the time, training, and other tools in order to do just this. The foothills have been my home and my entire life. I spend my spare time with my family and friends and enjoy making and decorating cakes. I can't wait to meet you and assist you in making your dental experience enjoyable!

Kandice Abbott

Registered Dental Hygienist

My name is Kandice and I am a Registered Dental Hygienist. I have been practicing locally since I graduated in 1999 from Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA. I am very fortunate to have found a career that I am still passionate about after 12 years of practicing dental hygiene and 19 years in the dental field. I love my profession and can't imagine myself elsewhere. The relationships that I have formed over the years with patients and my co-workers have been a blessing in my life. I love helping people learn bits of dental knowledge that they might not have known and incorporate it into their lives.
When I am not at work I am busy raising my 7 year old son. That takes most of my free time but when I get a little down time I love to practice hot yoga, read, and spend time with friends.
I look forward to my future at Dr. Rahimi's office and continuing to provide quality care along with Dr. Rahimi and my wonderful co-workers. Here's to a beautiful smile!

Rachel Robinson

Registered Dental Assistant

My name's Rachel, Dr. Rahimi's R.D.A. I've been an R.D.A for almost 10 years after graduatiing from Western Career College in 2002. I love working in the Dental field. The day I signed up for the R.D.A. program I had no clue what I was interested in doing, until I left the campus. No one was surprised but me apparently. Now I couldn't imagine doing anything different. I've known so many friends, family, and people in general that have suffered with dental problems for the smallest reasons, and felt so helpless watching them go through that. Now I can be helpful instead and it makes me feel like I have a purpose. To see someone come in the office the first time looking like they're meeting with the I.R.S. then leaving with a smile and thanking you repeatedly, makes it all worth it.
I love working for Dr. Rahimi for several different reasons. Dr. Rahimi keeps our office updated with the latest and best technology and staff training to better educate and treat our patients and give them more options for the right care for them. The members of the staff are all very down to earth kind people, so we're all able to work well together and excel together, which makes the practice run smoother also.
The things I'm most passionate about are my kids, family, friends, my career and being true to who you are. My daughter Sarah is 12 and my son Alex is 11. They are my saving grace. I don't know where I would be in life if I didn't have them. The words I live by are treat others how you want to be treated, work hard, and try to always do the right thing.

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